Monday, January 23, 2012

Evan Oberla and his Super Fresh Band

Hosted by Aaron Quinn
Photo by Josh Smith
Evan Oberla, love him or hate him, is one of the most versatile performers in Columbus,Ohio. On top of that, he looks great doing it! This podcast features his new baby: Evan Oberla and his Super Fresh Band. Consisting of some of the best performers in Columbus,This band is baaadd. No more talking, listen.

With Performances by:

Jon Lampley: Trumpet/Sousaphone/etc
Jack Menkedick: Alto/Bari Sax/etc
Tim Magree: Keys/Bass/etc
Jake Levy: Drums/Perc/etc
Justin Campbell: Drums/Perc/etc
Evan Oberla: Trombone/Synth/etc
Tony G. Finesse
Eric Rollin: Emcee
Ollie Bahba Hightower: Emcee
Miss Sara D: Vocals
Theo Perry: Vocals