Monday, February 20, 2012

Larry Marotta

Hosted & Produced by Aaron Quinn
Larry Marotta plays everything. As a guitarist/composer/pianist/performer, Larry has infiltrated not only the jazz scene, but really...all of the scenes. He has worked with Rocco Di Pietro, the Carpe Diem string quartet, David Reed, Rat Bastard, The Wexner Center for the Arts just to name a few, and continues to perform with Apocalypso, Honk Wail and Moan, and solo. As one of my favorite guitarist in town, I am pleased to present to you: Larry Marotta.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Evan Oberla and his Super Fresh Band

Hosted by Aaron Quinn
Photo by Josh Smith
Evan Oberla, love him or hate him, is one of the most versatile performers in Columbus,Ohio. On top of that, he looks great doing it! This podcast features his new baby: Evan Oberla and his Super Fresh Band. Consisting of some of the best performers in Columbus,This band is baaadd. No more talking, listen.

With Performances by:

Jon Lampley: Trumpet/Sousaphone/etc
Jack Menkedick: Alto/Bari Sax/etc
Tim Magree: Keys/Bass/etc
Jake Levy: Drums/Perc/etc
Justin Campbell: Drums/Perc/etc
Evan Oberla: Trombone/Synth/etc
Tony G. Finesse
Eric Rollin: Emcee
Ollie Bahba Hightower: Emcee
Miss Sara D: Vocals
Theo Perry: Vocals

Monday, November 21, 2011

Seth Daily at The Brothers Drake Meadery

Seth Daily is a Drummer/Composer in his senior year at Capital University. Loaded with
new compositions untilizing aleatoric/inderterminate practices, Seth alongside
fellow Drummer/Composer Jeff Laser performed an early show at The Brothers Drake.
This is a short sample of what happened in that room.

Shout outs to Becca Muntean for
the photos, Diadre Scriven and Stan Smith for putting it on, and musiciains:
Seth Daily
Jeff Laser
Andrew Sais
David Wolbert
Becca Muntean
Lucas Holmes
Alex Jewell
Adam Haas

BusTown Jazz & Improv was hosted & produced by Aaron Quinn
Thanks for listen...ja!

Friday, October 7, 2011


What do bands such as MojoFlo, Bum Wealthy, Andy Shaw Band, and Lo-Pan all have in common? Yes, they are all local bands right here in Columbus, but they listen to this band everyday, as do you. One of the most underrated groups throughout the Midwest: Columbus, Ohio.

Today's Podcast deals with found sound documented all over the Columbus area including High Street, and Capital University. Realizing that there is music all around us, and those combinations of sounds collide to create an undefinable counterpoint I feel makes us more in tune with ourselves, and each other. Ladies and Gentleman, BusTown Jazz and Improv presents: Found Sound.


BusTown Jazz & Improv is hosted and produced by Aaron Quinn

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


BusTown Jazz & Improv host- Aaron Quinn- features the little known yet amazing band- Birdshack.  Consisting of Joshua Hill, Tony McClung and Jeff Ciampa, the cohesive elements of Birdshack are mind blowing, featuring arrangements from ACDC, Nora Jones and even original composition. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, BusTown Jazz & Improv is proud to present...


Special Thanks to Dicks Den for letting us run amok
Extra Special thanks to the fabulous people of Columbus
BusTown Jazz & Improv is hosted and produced by Aaron Quinn

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More Music from BirdShack

Monday, August 29, 2011

BeautyofmyLand at the Brothers Drake Meadery


     Aaron Quinn features great performances by amazing local artists and acts including Alex Burgoyne, Justin Campbell, Dairdre Scriven and Beautyofmyland at the Brothers Drake Meadery.

Beautyofmyland blends improvisational jazz with dynamic spoken word to create an amazing performance certainly worth checking out.  Daidre Scriven, founder of Beautyofmyland, describes the beautyofmyland concept as "A space where we come together to listen, learn, grow. For me it's the greatest thing about playing with these musicians... we our input.It's like a beautiful conversation."

For more information about Beautyofmyland, check out

BusTown Jazz & Improv was hosted and produced by Aaron Quinn
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